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For the Trackers defense it seems only the .45s are having the trouble. See if they will swap a .357, or a .44 for it. I have really only heard 2 people really with the trouble, and they are both .45s, and both are lock up problems. I would see if after 2nd return, or by 3rd time you return at least. ( giving them every chance to FIX the problem. ) See if they will give you something else then. To bad they won't give you a loaner for ccw like loaner car when your is in the shop.
I'm not gun-short by any means so to be without this one is no big deal. There's plenty to shoot and ccw, I only bought this to add to my arsenal of weapons. And you are correct, if they don't get it right this time, I am more than willing to swap it for a .357 tracker. Then I'll go and buy the Smith .45acp if I still want a .45 revolver. Hey, that might work out even better. I could leave my Ruger Blackhawk in the 9mm mode, and use the tracker for my 38/357 gun. I basically just like to shoot different guns, and lots of times.
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