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It rotates.
Most of the time it is my SIG Sauer W. German 1989 vintage P226. The gun is just a nail driver, never a SINGLE failure period. I have Tru-Glo TFO sights on it because even without my glasses on I pick up the front sight pretty well. I keep it loaded with 18 rounds(thank you Mec-Gar!) of 147 gr Gold Dots or 147 gr Hydra Shock.

My other night stand gun is my Walther PPQ; same ammo; Trijicon night sights. Also a fine firearm only had one failure out of about 1000 rounds that was probably due to ammo.

I know this is is the pistols thread but just in-case something goes wrong I have an AR-15 in a soft case next to my bed most nights with 5 magazines ready. SOP ( I just had a scare the other weekend and got to try this out) is to arm up with the pistol quickly, assess the situation then arm up with the AR if time permits.
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