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Loaned out the BHP this weekend....

So, I was at the range with a friend this weekend and was really only going to shoot the new Garand I got a week ago. I took my BHP as the only pistol with me. My friend went only with pistols and I loaned him out the BHP while he was on the "pistol only" section of the range. He came back and said "hey, shoot my P229 and tell me what you think". So I shot it and put 3 out of 5 in the X ring at 10 yards, then swaped to the BHP and put 5 out of 5 in it. Then handed it to him and HE put 5 out of 5 in the X ring, and only a couple from the Sig in the X ring. He said "must be the thiner front sight on the BHP because the Sig is a much more expensive gun". Yeah, that must be it.....LOL

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