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Thanks Jim. yes..the 1006 functioned just fine with the factory springs. The mag springs were a bit weak after almost 20 years and just barely pushed up the slide release. So those were a must. The old recoil spring was sending brass into the parking lot of the range. The stronger spring at least keeps them in the same room and with full power DoubleTap ammo I want to go a little easier on the slide. I went from the factory 18# to the Wolff 20# spring. The hammer spring I replaced just because I didn't like the weak feel of the old one. No problems with the extractor but I do prefer the stronger spring. So yea....the old ones would be fine. But the new ones feel better.

Thanks for the confirmation on the split screwdriver. I figured that was the way to go but felt it better to at least check before I start. I may leave the old one in but it depends on how it feels. Now...that damn crunchy trigger is driving me nuts. Need to get some info on smoothing that out a bit.

Below is a pic of my 1006.

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