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James K
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You need a split screwdriver. If you were doing a bunch of them, I would recommend going to Brownells, but you can easily make one from a cheap screwdriver using a file or Dremel tool.

You will probably hate me, but I think you are going overboard, though the after market spring makers love you. IMHO, there is just no reason to replace good springs because someone on the "net" said to do it. You replace springs when you need to. I have seen people recommend changing recoil springs after 100 rounds (yep, two boxes of ammo); that is absurd, not to mention costly. BTW, keep the other springs you took out; they may be better quality than the after market springs you replaced them with.

My suggestion, leave the mag catch alone. I have never seen a mag catch spring weaken (either on an S&W or a GI/Colt M1911) and don't expect to.

Jim K
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