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Well No one really answered so I will.

Bedroom 1911 my side of bed, glock for wife on her side, Rossi carbine behind door.

Laundry room gun storage most loaded.

Upstairs office Remington 700 behind door, .25 ACP laying on my desk. There is a second floor deck on this room and I can see well over 1000yds in 3 directions. Including my gate which is 880 feet.

Upstairs bedroom Siamese Mauser 45-70 behind door. An upstairs deck covering the direction I can't see from the office. 1000 yds line of sight.

Overkill maybe. But two drug smugglers hit a cattle guard and turned their truck over less than a mile from my house last week. They walked to the nearest house and waited for the owner to come home, planning who knows what. Fortunately he is a retired state cop and was carrying his 1911. They decided they only wanted to call 911 to get a wrecker. Lots more to story but too long for here.

Sheriff response time to my house is 45 minutes minimum.
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