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It depends on what you consider owning, I've recently purchased a MAC 10, currently awaiting atf approval before i pick it up and then a colt sp-1 fa PRE 86 conversion with a 10.5 barrel is coming late june. If it weren't for the registry being closed I'd be up to my ears in FA weapons, but as it is now, the mac is running me 3700 and the colt is over 15k. I can buy quite a few good rifles for 15k . That's probably why you're not seeing that many people chiming in. Not a lot of people are going to burn through tens of thousands of dollars on weapons they can hardly afford to shoot. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, what's your line of profession that you can afford to spend 5000 dollars on a glock? I'm doing well financially, but I honestly cannot fathom swimming in enough money to spend 5000 dollars on ANY handgun, especially a 500 dollar glock. Whatever you do for work, need a partner?

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