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State laws vary.Here in Oregon,if someone is in my house,that is considered sufficient threat for deadly force.That said,if this person knows me,he or she will definitely ID themselves.(I'm the "gun nut" of the group.)No ID by them equates to no warning from me.I agree with the view that announcing you're armed will perhaps make the intruder leave,but then they are aware of valuables in the home,and they'll just be doubly sure the house is empty before burglarizing it some other time.They can always knock and ask for a fictitious person if the door is answered.I'm friends with a few of the local PD,and this subject has come up,I get mostly unanimous agreement that they'd prefer to call the coroner for a Bad Guy than search the neighborhood for him.I'm not out looking to shoot anyone,but if you're in my home and I didn't invite you,then you shouldn't be there,period...
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