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The Dot Drill (Sierra Firearms Academy)


This is a precision drill, fired at 10 yards without regard to time, only precision. The targets are 10 - 3" dots placed in the following sequence. 1 dot on top, then 3 rows of 3.

Dot #1: Draw and fire one continuous string of 6 rounds for your best group.

Dot#2: Draw and fire 1 shot, holster and repeat for a total of 6 shots.

Dot#3&4: Draw and fire one shot on 3, then one shot on 4. Holster and repeat 6 times.

Dot#5: Draw and fire 6 shots continuous fire, strong hand only.

Dot#6&7: Draw and fire 2 shots on 6, then 2 shots on 7. Holster and repeat 6 times.

Dot#8: Draw and fire 6 continuous shots weak hand only.

Dot#9&10: Draw and fire 2 on 9, reload, fire 2 on 10. Holster and repeat 6 times.

If the drill is too difficult with this target size or distance, reduce the distance or increase the target size and work down to 10 yards and 3 inch dots. Once you can do this on demand, your precision skills will be way above average. Practice with a goal of increasing your speed, while maintaining your accuracy. Just blasting at them will not help you a bit.. Perfect practice makes perfect performance.

Remember... The only way you can be successful at this, is to have your sights clearly in focus for each and every shot. Shoot at the center of the dot, not the whole dot. Good luck!

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