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Shooting Drills (Mike Benedict of talon tactical holsters)

Shooting drills from Mike Benedict

three targets set in a "V" center target at 8 yds left and right targets at 10 yds
3 yds between targets.

two rounds on center target
one round on left target
one round on right target
two rounds on center target

2 seconds is the time to beat from the holster

"Snowman drill"

three circles on aligned vertical like a snowman:

2" on top
4" in the middle
8" on bottom

6 shots on each dot

6 seconds on the 2"
4 seconds on the 4"
2 seconds on the 6"

shot from the ready and then from the holster

25yds: 6 shots COM 10 sec
20yds: 3 shot FTS 5 sec(x2)
15yds: 3 shot FTS 3 sec(x2)
10yds: 2 shot COM 2 sec(x3)
7 yds: 6 shot reload 6 shot COM 12 sec
5 yds: 6 shot strong hand, reload, 6 shots weak hand 15 seconds
3 yds: 2 rds COM 1
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