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Handgun Training Drills (Ken Hackathorn)

Basic Handgun Training Drills--Modified
As described by Ken Hackathorn
In American Handgunner Magazine
September/October 1998
Page 42

Ammunition Required: 50 rounds
Target: IDPA silhouette scored 5-4-2.
Time Limits: Basic time limits as noted. As shooter skill increases, either shorten the time limits or increase the distance to the target.

Stage 1 -- 3 yards/Close Combat
Shooting is done from a close combat/weapon retention position, with the weapon already drawn. Fire 2 rounds in 2 seconds. 3X total of 6 rounds.

Stage 2 -- 3 yards/Retreating from the target
On signal, begin backing away from the target. Draw and engage the target with at least 3 rounds while moving backwards. You should end the movement at the 10 yard line. 2X. Total of 6 rounds.
Your goal is to rapidly gain distance from the threat while you are drawing and engaging the target. The greater the distance you are from the threat, the greater your chances of survival.

Stage 3 -- 5 yards/Strong Hand Only
On signal, draw and engage the target with 2 rounds in 4 seconds STONG HAND ONLY. 3X. Total of 6 rounds.

Stage 4 -- 7 yards/Double Taps
On signal, draw and engage the target with 2 rounds in 4 seconds. 4X. Total of 8 rounds.

Stage 5 -- 7 yards/Lateral Movement
How to perform this drill depends on the configuration of your range facility. The goal is to draw, begin lateral movement, and engage the target with three rounds. This should be accomplished moving to your strong side, and also to your weak side. 2X. Total of 6 rounds.
This exercise increases your skills at placing your shots effectively while moving to cover or if your only path of escape is moving laterally. Go slowly at first, and then pick up your speed of movement only as fast as you can get good hits.

Stage 6--7 or 10 yards/Multiple Targets
Facing three targets. On signal, draw and engage each target with two rounds, perform a mandatory reload, and re-engage each target with two rounds. Total of 12 rounds fired. Par time is 15 seconds for auto pistols and 18 seconds for revolvers.

Stage 7 -- 15 yards/Single Target for accuracy
On signal, draw and engage the target with 1 round in 3 seconds. 6X. Total of 12 rounds.
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