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Kel Tec P 11

I am replying to the comment that apparently all P 11's toss brass haphazardly????? And he had to get a refund because of this! Bull&^%! This is caused in all small barreled 9mm even the Kahr when you limp wrist the gun while firing plain and simple. Go to the Kel Tec owners group at yahoo and check with the 2000 plus owners there you will not find this complaint. Soory if this post sounds angry but I HATE it when someone makes flagrantly false statements about a particular weapon, especially when they did nothing to determine if they were the cause of the problem themselves. As a former military handgun instructor I can say that improper grasp of the weapon it usually the cause of over half the complaints gun owners have of their weapons. The Kel-Tec P11 has its problems most stem from the short grip, to solve this Kel Tec offers a grip extender to replace the baseplate of the magazine. My advise.....get a grip.....A firm one on your weapon....point it down range.....dont be afraid when it fires....maintain your grip, and you will find the spent brass ejects from the port as designed.

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