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big al hunter: No, they do NOT run well in the firearms. They will NOT chamber in a Dan Wesson Pointman (this gun IS tight), they chamber somtimes in a Colt Series 80 and will almost fit in the .45 acp cylinder of a Ruger Blackhawk. When I Liquid Alox'd, the Lee tumble lubed, these same bullets (sans powder coating) chambered and shot just fine.

Aquila Blanca: I do charge with the Lee powder dispenser, at least on these loads. I use it on a Dillon 550b. I will have to research my "load log" to see if I used to use the Dillon powder system. I will examine the Dillon powder funnel to see how far down into the case it expands the case. I do have a Lyman "M" die; I'll check that as well.

I am STILL perplexed as to why the Lee Factory Crimp Die doesn't smooth everything out. Just goes to show why this hobby IS entertaiining. Change just "one" thing and it ALL changes.
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