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Lee's factory crimp die is supposed to resize the loaded round to maximum SAAMI dimension for the cartridge. For .45 ACP, that would be .4730". If your bullets are .452" that leaves .021" for the thickness of two case walls, or a case thickness of .0105" with no bulge. Have you measured your case thickness?

The Lee #2 die in their 4-die sets isn't really an expander, the way dies from Lyman or RCBS are. The Lee powder through die doesn't expand the neck, it only flares the case mouth. Once the bullet gets started into the case, seating involves the bullet trying to expand the case while the case tries to compress the bullet. In that scenario, I think some bulge would be expected.

FWIW, Berry's plated 230-grain bullets for .45 ACP consistently measure .4515".
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