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Sizing .45 acp ???

Just starting in on the powder coating (P/C) process. I only use Lee dies for the 45 acp. Have always tumble lubed with Lee ALOX. No problems. Lots of lead down the barrels so far. But, now having some sizing issues. I use the Lee .452 sizing die, post powder coat. I seem to be getting a bulge at the base of the seated bullet. I also use the Lee Factory Crimp Die (FCD) as the final step. Looking at the Lyman Cast Bullet manual I find that they use a .451 cast bullet. I have ordered up a Lee .451 sizing die to have on hand. Seems like the FCD would "cure" any bumps or lumps. I have also tried rotating the finished round in the FCD and trying another pass. Some worked some did NOT. What are others doing?
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