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I see all kinds of legal and liability issues with this question. For example, who pays for the really expensive liability insurance? And the lawyer you'll need should something happen? Did you get everything discussed with the padre in writing?
You need to look into the legality of carrying in a church where you are in the first place. All Federal, State and municipal(if there are any) laws apply. Neither your padre nor his higher ups can allow anything that is not legal, otherwise. Adding to that, it seems which flavour of church matters too. Lot of 'em don't want CCW in their buildings, but they're greatly divided. And you need to consider what the assorted parents think about it.
In any case, it'd be you, not the padre, et al who would be charged and/or sued, if it's not legal. You need to CYA.
"...I’m trained in..." Exactly what kind of training? It'd matter in court. Should something happen. A regular CCW class does not make you LEO.
" pocket pistols..." That means no .380 ACP of any brand. Certainly not a Kahr CT380. It and nearly every other .380 pistol is a pocket pistol.
Spelling and grammar count!
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