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I've shipped a lot of firearms through UPS and USPS. Other than I find UPS easier for me and more timely than UPSP, there are hoops you have to jump through either way. I also understand the challenges of living rural and dealing with both UPS and USPS. I may be wrong (and more than likely am) but I've shipped rifle receivers both AR and bolt action through USPS.

The one time I was asked a question, I just used my smart phone to show a picture of what was in the box and the Post Master okayed it. However, I wouldn't ship anything right now through the mail. I shipped two barrels one a Savage takeoff and another was an AR barrel, both took over two months to arrive even paying for them to be certified. UPS has been much more reliable to ship lately than USPS, even though the UPS near me is only open to receive packages M-F 4-6 pm.

It's simple if you're worried about the legality of it take the frame to a FFL that you use, and have them ship it to the receiving FFL. The FFL holder that is also doing the trigger job can then mail it directly back to you when they're done. It'll add usually $50 to the cost to mail through an FFL.
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