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Need Expert help on Iver Johnson top break .32

I was given an Iver Johnson top break hammerless .32 S&W revolver.
It had a broken trigger spring as you'd expect.
The pistol is in very good condition with a bright shiny bore. Being a fan of the .32 "short" pistols since the 60's I want to get this pistol going again, but there is a problem I just cannot get rid of. Please read and understand what I'm about to write and not just jump onto "its the trigger spring", please. It is not.
I purchased the Wolf trigger spring pack kit and fitted the leaf spring into the trigger guard/frame bottom. The new spring fits very well,does not bind and returns the trigger to "home" with no effort at all.
I have completely disassembled the pistol and cleaned it in my ultrasound tank and oiled it as needed.
I have polished all the internal parts and they are now very smooth and mesh very well.
The problem,I think is the main spring for the hammer it too strong.
When the trigger is pulled back and dried fired, it will not return to "home" without a push on the back of the trigger shoe towards the front of the frame.
Now, if I remove the main spring from the frame of the pistol,and point the muzzle towards the floor, and pull the trigger all the parts move so smoothly its like a hot knife through butter. When the trigger is released it moves to "home" by the trigger spring with no problem at all. The spring has at least one pound of force returning the trigger. If I double up the Wolf spring with two springs the problem is still there adding the extra force to return the trigger does not help.
Somehow, the main spring is causing the hammer to drag on trigger re-set. As I push the trigger forward, you can see the main spring being pushed back by the hammer about 1 MM and is causing a binding force the trigger spring cannot overcome without my help.
The main spring is very strong but is smooth to pull the hammer back with the trigger. The sear behind the trigger seems to "feel" as if that is where the bind is occurring,but it is not there if the main spring is removed. The sear has been polished and its pin and the holes for the pin are nice and round free of any burrs.The sear does not bind.
I have fired the pistol and lock up is as new.
The hammer strikes the primer with a lot of force. Far more force than any other revolver I own.
I ordered a replacement main spring and am thinking if it too is too strong for the trigger/sear/pawls to reset, I was going to thin the sides of the main spring to reduce the force of the main spring. The spring may also be a little too long?
Perhaps this will allow the parts to move more freely if it is shortened or the force lightened??
What ideas do you have for me to try?
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