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Due to the condition and the non-original grips, value is going to be a lower value.

The left grip is not even a genuine Colt grip.
It looks like someone replaced the left grip and rounded off the bottom slightly.

The gun appears in the pictures to have been refinished with a dull blue or parkerized finish.
It should have a bright polish Colt blue finish.

I can't make it out in your photo but it appears the Colt Verified Proof stamp on the left-front web of the trigger guard is missing. This would be a tiny "VP" in an upside down triangle.
This is lightly stamped and it's common for it to be polished off during a refinish.

The final inspectors stamp would be a letter on the left-rear of the trigger guard. It looks like this might still be present.

I don't keep up with values much, but the value is determined by the amount of original Colt factory finish, and on being all original.
The condition is hard to determine from photos but just as a guess from the photos and the replaced grips, I'd guess it is worth about $300.

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