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I agree. They are nothing but pests, and destroy anywhere they decide to call home for however long they stay. On the land where I hunt they have decided to make their home on the bank of the stock pond in some tall grass and you have been able to watch what was a beautiful landscape turn into a hollowed out muddy tracked up mashed down bedding area that has gone to hell. We are in the process of killing them off, but do not shoot them over there to avoid them getting stuck in the mud and water and tainting the water, and possibly killing the fish that are stocked in there. On another note. We will keep and use the smaller ones to blend with venison in linked sausage or pan sausage, but the bigger ones tend to be very tough and the meat does not taste very good at all. Even if you throw a shoulder or hind quarter in the smoker the overwhelming flavor of mesquite cant mask it. maybe the younger pigs haven't had enough time to basque in the life long nastiness of their moms and dads. Either way it is all up to opinion, but I side on eradicating these nasty things.
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