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I said that the PX4 can't be in condition 1.

You said I was wrong.

I state the condition system I was using (the one laid out by Jeff Cooper).

You use a different condition system than me.

You use that to "prove" me wrong.

The equivalent argument would be if I said the length of an object was 1 foot. And, then you said I was wrong because its length is actually 12 inches.

The system I am using is more precise anyway(it takes into account the condition of the hammer). That is why I prefer Cooper's system. Also, I can actually count from 4 down to 0 in mine. I don't just throw out a number because I don't feel like properly renumbering my new system from 3-0 or 4-1. I'm sure you are aware that the military doesn't always make the smartest decisions.

So, no, the PX4 can't be in condition 1 (a.k.a. "cocked and locked"). If it bothers you that I am using my condition system correctly and I am wrong according to yours... that isn't my problem... I'm not using yours (or claiming to).

The capability for a gun to be in condition 1 (a.k.a. "cocked and locked") is a desirable feature for me. And, that is why I am recommending the FNX-9 and the CZ P-07 to the OP. Since your system doesn't have my condition 1 in it at all. I can't use it to describe what I'm recommending anyway.
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