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PX4 Compact : First time owner POV

I'm a relatively new shooter (been shooting, but only recently bought first handgun) who've purchased PX4 Compact as my first gun choice. Here's my take:

I absolutely love this gun. I've shot variety of guns before choosing this for exactly same reasons that you are purchasing in your first post. After owning this for about 2 months and putting ~1400 rounds down range, I'm about to purchase full size PX4 9mm.

My intention when I bought it new ($425 at LGS, $470 Out the door), I would abuse the hell out of it since it's my first gun and I want functionality instead of "preserving" it.

My run down of PX4 range time:

*initial clean*
200 Winchester white box (bulk pack), 115 gr FMJ
100 Winchester 147gr JHP
200 Winchester white box (bulk pack), 115 gr FMJ
300 Federal bulk pack, 115gr FMJ
200 Winchester white box (bulk pack), 115 gr FMJ
50 Federal 115 JHP
200 Federal bulk pack, 115gr FMJ
200 Winchester white box (bulk pack), 115 gr FMJ
*shot last night, cleaned*

I like to run my guns as much as I possibly can and throughout all this, not a single FTF or FTE, absolutely flawless. As you can see, I tried to run the cheapest ammo I can find at Walmart. I clean my guns well, but just to add, after all the abuse, it still looks like it's LNIB. Take down and cleaning this gun is an absolute breeze.

It's soft shooting like most have said as well as very accurate for compact pistol. Although it's compact, it's not the smallest and not so easy to CC, although it's definitely easier to CC than most full sized pistols.

My ONLY gripe is the slide safety - when you rack the slide, sometimes the rough edge of safety catches your finger and it does get annoying after 300-400 rd range session. However for functionality, it's non-issue as I have no problem flipping it up with either my thumb or off hand and it's just natural for me.

If I can do all over again, I probably would've liked full sized PX4 instead of compact (LGS didn't have full size). It's not exactly "compact" enough for CC, and my intention wasn't CC anyway so yeah, that' my only regret if there is any. That's why I'm making full size as my next purchase plan.

Hope this helps your decision making, but do try it out before you buy if you can.

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