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I suggest looking at the FNX-9 or CZ P-07. I like that they are capable of condition 1 (unlike the Beretta). I like that the safeties are frame mounted instead of slide mounted.
do you even know what condition 1 is? it was beat into my head in boot camp at the clearing barrel and again at M9 requals let me tell you what is involved in condition 1
loaded magazine inserted
round in chamber
hammer down
safety on
the M9 is capable of this and the PX4 uses the exact same safety setup. the PX4 uses a combination safety/decocker. now I wont argue that the slide mounted safeties are hard to reach and operate and the main reason why I do not own one myself.

I would like to see a single semi automatic pistol that can't be carried in condition one. even glocks, by definition and technicality have a condition 1.
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