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Have you physically held one in your hands at a store or show? have you been able to test fire one? (less likely).

My wife has one and loves it.
If the grip, style are to your liking then consider:
1. Its a DA/SA. The DA is not too stiff and the SA is nice and crisp on hers.
2. 15 round capacity is excellent.
3. Accuracy of hers is good. Its not as good as our target oriented FS92 but still good enough.
4. Recoil is extremely mild. Its a very soft shooter.
5. The rotary design is slightly frustrating for me to take down and re-assemble, but not too bad.
6. Its not stainless steel.
7. I've not seen one in our locale less than $530.
8. OEM adjustable sights are available. It has the plastic gun industry standard of three grip sizes.
9. After a short break in period no jams or FTFs.
10. Slight advantage on the 92 in that the slide serrations are before the safety making it easier to rack (fixing a personal pet peeve of mine).
11. Not the smallest pistol in the world.
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