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I think the Beretta is a great choice. I had a full-size .45ACP and loved it. I got rid of it to fund an HK45, but still miss it sometimes.

I think as an only gun, the compact 9mm is just about perfect. Small enough to carry, more than large enough for HD, range use, competition, and has a rail. The only thing I would do to it is convert it to decocker-only, I dislike the flip-up safety.

I'm curious why you think a P229 costs $1,000 though. They are available with the E2 grips for $755 here: A nice used one could be right around the cost of the Beretta. If you really want the Sig, I'd save up and get the Sig. But there is nothing wrong with the PX4 either.

All in all though, with your requirements, I would probably have arrived at the Beretta also. Personally, with those needs, I'd get an HK P2000, but with the budget requirement, the Beretta is my first choice if I couldn't find a used Sig or HK.
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