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I've used both full auto and semi auto weapons and I find full auto is of very limited use. Even military studies show it has limited value.
The point? I don't find full auto guns to be any more of a threat to the public than semi auto guns. I think the restictions on full auto weapons are useless. These laws are in place just to make people feel better.
The original NFA of 1932 was not aimed at shutting down the use of full auto weapons. It was intended to make posession of any number of weapons a federal offense if you were already a criminal or had criminal intent.
This gave the federal government tools it wanted to attack orginized crime across the country.
While the current laws on the books are clearly unconstitutional, they will remain in force as long as the general puplic supports them. Unfortunatly, there are either crazzies or crooks that go on shooting binges all to frequently. This scares the hell out of the general puplic and only increases their support of these types of gun laws.
What I find funny is that cars kill 10 times more people than guns do and no one is ready to outlaw cars!
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