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John E.B. Rawton
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I know that you are looking for pros and cons and this reply is neither. I once was talking to my father and questioned whether or not I paid too much for a particular used gun and he said “ If I was happy with it then it was not too much “ I buy the guns I want to shoot and unfortunately have a couple I don’t even get out anymore. If I was not going to be satisfied shooting tuned up slick race guns I’d sell them or trade in like value. I have a brace of pistols most people would not consider shooting regularly but I am satisfied and I get enjoyment from them. I think this is like comparing apples and oranges and if money wasn’t the issue I’d get what I want and not look back. The rugers you have are setup for one type of shooting and the ubertis are going to be something else altogether unless you invest in slicking them up.
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