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The cost of doing something "stupid"?

Okay, not the life-and-limb kind of stupid, just the financial kind. I need some perspective on the value of my current Cowboy Action rig, as well as the costs - not just financial but also practical - of trading in a different direction.

I was gifted a very nice pair of customized and race tuned Vaqueros and an Uberti '73, all in .357mag/.38spl. They once belonged to dad's late friend, and came to me through that relationship.

The Vaqueros (in stainless) have had a full action job with lightened springs, smoothed actions, bead-blasted barrels and frames (grip frame and cylinders left bright), and jeweled hammers and triggers. They look great, and I'll be putting some custom Wenge extended grips on them. Accompanied with a nice Mernicke gunfighter rig. The Uberti '73 has a short stroke kit and slicked up action. They all shoot great.

Now, I LOVE that rifle. I like the pistols okay, but as nice as they are, I wouldn't have chosen them if I had been buying from the ground up. What I would have done would have been Uberti Outlaw 1875s and a '73, all in .44-40. My own tastes just run to the old-school cartridges, and the 1875 fits my hand better.

My guns have had approximately 200-300 rounds apiece through them - not much. If I wanted to sell my current rig to get the .44-40 rig mentioned above, what would y'all say is a fair market price for all three guns and the rig? Keep in mind that the only way I could really consider this move if I can do it essentially for even money.

On the practical side, I know I'd have to reload for .44-40, especially since I would be shooting Holy Black. What other practical drawbacks might there be?

Like I said, I know that on some level, passing on a set of very nice, race tuned guns for a different set might be pretty idiotic. So, feel free to talk me out of it, too!

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