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I personally think knee pads should be ok'd as safety equipment. They have no effect whatsoever on skill or speed. I do not know of anyone who shoots faster with electronic hearing protection, but they seem to know what is going on better.

If someone showed up at my match wearing knee pads and said that they had bad knees, should I turn them away? No. We need to understand that IDPA is a game, and a serious fun game at that. If I was to have a situation that required me to fire my PDW, I am sure not going to have time to go get my hearing protection and glasses on. So what sence does it make to have someone wear eye and hearing protection but not let them protect their knees or elbows at a match that only simulates those situations? I do not get in twelve gunfights in 4 hours.

I would like to see some changes in the rules of IDPA. I have some that I am going to propose. Will they respond, I have no idea. They still have not answered my email or snail mail about moving 10mm into poodleshooter division nor anyone else's that I know of, and I am talking about a double digit number.
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