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You as an individual come across like a person who looks for fights for no apparent rhyme or reason and I’m basing this from all of your previous posting on Glock Talk.

Mayonaise states:

“Or better yet. Stay at home.”

This seems to be getting out of hand with you, it was my impression that in this country we can still express opinions and you can disagree with me but there is no need to get personal on a public forum. So I would greatly appreciate if you need to express a direct opinion at me do so by email so we can discuss it like adults offline.

BTW, I have no axe to grind with any organization or anyone for that matter, but apparently you do. It is simply not profitable for me since I see no ROI emanating from this.
I don't mean to make it personal. That's not my intent. Perhaps I should have just asked "What's your agenda?" It appears to me that you have a problem with the rule or you are just unhappy that it hasn't made it into the rule book yet. Or maybe you're just trying to be informative. It just smells funny to me. It looks like a troll when it's spread over several web forums.

If you have problems with the BOD try addressing the BOD. If you don't get the response you like from the BOD. Find another sport Or better yet, stay home.

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