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Glocks have a recoil operated tilting barrel operation. This method of operation is common and utilized by most pistols in 9mm and more powerful rounds. The problem with these systems is that they are sensative to the mass of the supressor. There is nothing different or special about the Glock as opposed to nearly every other Browning locking system guns on the market. You either need a light supressor or an inertia system that allows the slide and barrel to recoil separate the supressor. This is simpler than it sounds but does add to the cost and complexity of the system and reliability is therefore reduced slightly.

IMO, if you want to supress the gun, choose an in-line recoiling system like th Beretta M-9 or, beter yet, a fixed barrel gun like the HK P-7 or Makarov. Yeah, yeah, easier said than done but it is better to start from there than try to work around it.

One final note, for better suppression, there are systems that lock the slide so that the gun turns into a single shot. Much quieter.
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