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Neil Casper
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Non of the 9mm revolvers are really good for official IDPA matches.

I have a S&W 940 five shot 9mm J-frame for personal use and have used it in Back Up Gun matches.

I usually shoot a S&W K-frame revolver in IDPA. I'll be using one in the Ohio State IDPA Match again this year. Either a 4" Model 19 or a 3" Model 66. I also have a 3" Model 13 but that one usually stays in the bedroom these days.
A 3" revolver is kind of hard to find but they sure are handy.
You can get holsters made for them. I use Kramer, Rafter "S", and Wild Bill's holsters for mine. I really like the leather vertical scabbard style holsters.
Safariland Comp II loaders work real good for me, others prefer HKS loaders. Loader pouches can be had cheap in nylon or expensive in custom "IDPA approved" leather and/or Kydex.

I hope you join the ranks of IDPA revolver shooters.
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