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Speed, I agree with what Jack said. Find a local club and go to observe. You will find that almost every club is full of great people who are out to have a good time. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Many of the rules of both IPSC and IDPA may seem confusing at first, but are easy to learn. Also, bring your gun and gear to the match just in case you want to join in. Everyone who now shoots competively had to start somewhere, so don't feel intimidated. At the clubs I shoot at, we put the new shooters in squads with the more experianced shooters to help them along. We also give a small safety briefing to all new shooters of the rules, and safe gun handling. Most other clubs I have been to do the same. When you shoot your first match, don't try to run with the top shooters, take your time and concentrate on obeying the safety rules and what you are doing. As said before, if you do compete, your skills will improve if you want them to, because you will see what you need to improve on.
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