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find what is available in your area and get into it. keep a notebook of your shot strings, score, weather, how you felt that day, get enough sleep last night, hungry or full. anything that may pertain to this range day. go back through it often for comparison. keep an average of different phases and an overall average of everything on every day of shooting. lots of paperwork, yep. you may find that you have a stairstep improvement vice a smooth upward curve. when you compete, you shoot only with yourself. all you can expect is your average. if you could shoot better, you would have a higher average. the shot to work on is the next one. bad shot, dont worry about it, you dont want to repeat it. good shot, consider how you managed it, repeat that sequence. bout all i can think of for a begginer right now. important thing is to get after it. its a long way from the bottom to the top. you will get there. just work at it. you will love it. now, if i could just shed 50 yrs and start over.

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