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Official Kneepads response from IDPA HQ

I originally posted this thread on the 1911 forum I'm also posting it here for informational purposes.

The following is the Official IDPA response to the kneepad question from Dru Robbins at IDPA HQ. By their own admission they state it’s a rule but it’s not in the rulebook.

I would think that they have had more than enough time since 1999 to amend the rulebook with this particular rule. But then again it might be that the person who updates the rulebook might be a member of the procrastinators club.

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To: Akula
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 1:13 PM
Subject: RE: 1911Forum Board - Kneepads & IDPA.htm

Mr. xxxxxxxxx,

That does not appear in the rulebook at this time, but is in fact a rule.


Dru Robbins

IDPA Coordinator

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Subject: 1911Forum Board - Kneepads & IDPA.htm

To whom it may concern,

Could you all provide clarification on this topic, it doesn’t appear in the rulebook and quite frankly I don’t have the tactical journal the moderator is mentioning in his response.


xxxx xxxxxxxxx


xxxxxx states:

I found your answer. The rule came out in the Tactical Journal, Third Quarter 1999, Volume 3, Issue 3. It was in an article by Ken Hackathorn, Safety Officer Seminars 99, page 6:
"Kneepads can be worn, but must be under your garment out of view. If there is a problem with a surface that the contestant must kneel on, then it is the Match Director or Chief SO's requirement to pad the surface to prevent knee injury."

Thank you all for the help in researching the answer. The thread is closed.


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