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9mm Revolver

Yo, Braindead0

No current production 9mm moon clip guns available except a few Ruger SP101s but they are five rounders and IDPA is designed for six round events to be revolver neutral.

I currently shoot a Glock 9mm in IDPA and plan on also shooting a S&W 686 4" using Safariland III speedloaders with a nylon holder from Bagmaster ( I would JUMP at the chance to buy a K or L frame sized revolver six shot 9mm moon clip gun and went so far as to call Ruger, Dan Wesson, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus earlier this year to see if they had any models in the works. They all said NO!

While I agree that the shorter 9mm clipped cases will pop out of the cylinder more easily than the longer .38s, try polishing the six holes or have a qualified gunsmith do it! It will make a big difference. I have a Dan Wesson .357 that spits out the .38 cases instantly and I will make, with polishing effort, my S&W do the same!!!

Glad to see you and the Mrs. are getting involved. Competition makes us all better shooters and I learn something new without fail each week. Good shooting!

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