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If your local club has a bowling pin shoot, that is a good way to start. Especially with a to shoot, and a bit less "work" than a big bore. IDPA is excellent as well, cause you don't need a fancy (ie Expensive) race gun to compete. Plus, it has the bonus of being a little more like 'defensive training' than IPSC.
I have found a new passion...sporting clays. I hated it the first few times I tried it...always missing, and my shoulder hurt a lot! But man...after my first 5 in a row string....I am digging it! Not even competing yet...just me and a friend out busting clays.

As far as knowing whether or not you're ready, or how to tell if you're improving...well. That's pretty much up to you! I figure if you're doing well to yourself, and having fun while doing it....who cares if you post the top score or the fastest times!!
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