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The 547 does not use moon clips - not the one I shot, at least. It had a patented trick extractor that would lift the rimless cases. The rounds were fully chambered, there was no clearance for a clip. Nor for the rimmed 9mm Federals as made for the short lived 9mm Charter Arms revolver.
It had a notably tough trigger pull, partly due to their wanting to be able to handle hard Euro primers and partly due to the requirement for the hammer to strike the headspacing pin simultaneously with the firing pin.

My S&W M25-2 (older blue .45) requires more mainspring tension than a .38 or .44 because it has to have a hard enough hammer fall to take up the slack in the clip-to-caserim-to-cylinder combination. I don't know if that applies to the 10mm and .40, but I suspect it would. This adds to trigger pull and would not be handy for most ladies.

The only 9mm clip 6-shot revolver I know of is the Ruger Speed Six, not a common gun. You will miss a lot of matches looking for one.

May I again respectfully suggest you get yourself and your wife each a nice S&W K-frame .38/.357 and a hat full of speedloaders and go shooting. Don't get involved with gamer guns and gimmicks until you are more experienced, if at all.
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