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IDPA: Just shot first COF - now looking for 9mm revolver ;-)

My wife and I just went out to a local IDPA shoot, a friend was SO'ing and let us slip in some shooting (me with my Makarov, wife with taurus..both guns not really IDPA 'legal'). It was a gas, my wife is very interested in getting involved (which is a good thing).

So, I was talking to a guy with a .40S&W revolver (M610), and piles of moon clips. Got me thinking, I'd like to find an IDPA suitable revolver in 9mm. For multiple reasons, my wife is more comfortable with a revolver, and it sure would make picking up spent brass (and reload with retension) much easier. From what I can tell the options for 9mm in revolver are very limited. I know there are a few .45ACP as well, but I'm "shootin" for a gun both my wife and I can manage, so medium frame is the only option.

Oh well, perhaps it's an excuse to buy two guns.. I would love to shoot wheelgun, even without moon clips I suppose the empties end up pretty close together.

Perhaps I'll see some of you folks at the Ohio State shoot in Youngstown, probably not shooting but we'd love to watch!
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