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My first shooting competition.

As some of you know, I have been pretty sick lately. Sick enough to cancel the FTX. At the last minute on Friday, I had my 1st line leader call me and ask if I was feeling up to shooting in a competition this weekend. I felt pretty good so I figured what the heck. I am glad I packed warm. Weather was crap, it rained, snowed, wind was gusting all over. BTW, this was the state and regional marksmanship comp for the reserves. We had Navy, Army guard, and Air guard. Most people were security in nature, some SF then us "REMF's". Just over 85 shooters all total.

Friday we zeroed. Saturday we shot EIC pistol and two courses in the combat rifle anex. Today we shot a long course of fire for the EIC combat rifle. All involved movement while shooting and a bit of stationary work. I have a long list of the different shooting courses that they use, so be on the look out for them to appear at future TFL shoots.

Anyway, as of today when we left, doing an informal review of the scores (they have to be entered into the computer, the original score cards sent back to Brag and evaluated to be official) it looks like I took 1st in my class, 1st in the state and 5th or 7th in the region for EIC combat rifle. For the pistol, it looks like I took 10th for the region. This means I am looking at getting an invite as a new shooter to the Nationals in Arkansas this fall for the Rifle course. Everyone wish me luck.

Not bad for being sick in this crappy weather. In hind sight I could have made the FTX happen, but dont know how I would have faired afterwards. I'm not real sure how I am going to do after this, but at least I got to come home to a warm bed and shower.

If anyone is serious about improving their shooting for combat situations, I highly recommend that you get involved with your local IDPA group. It is the closest I have found to this discipline, and it is NOT easy. But it IS a LOT of fun! The Farm (in SLC, UT.) has 2 IDPA matches coming up in June and August in case you are interested. I have not shot in one, but observed one and will be shooting these next ones.
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