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We've been breaking in a couple of guys over on Glock Talk.
Lots of good points, plus some of mine, at:
and another similar thread

Uncle Mike's Kydex holster is ok and economical. Not nylon. You can do better, but not for $20 and you can learn a lot with it.

The CCW class I took and the others I have heard or read of were oriented toward safety and legality. Range time is little or none. A real shooting class will be a terrific advantage if you can get to one. If you can't, see if one of the local SOs or Expert competitors will work with you to get you the basics of safe and effective gun handling before you enter a match.

IDPA is NOT training. We Safety Officers do what we can to get the novices through safely and enjoyably, but to quote a usually reliable source (me) you should know how to:
1. Operate your gun. Load magazine, load gun, aim, fire, unload.
2. Shoot your gun. Hit the target. Hit the target in the middle. Look at those CoFs (referenced on GT), you must be able to hit the target standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, advancing, retreating, moving across the range.
3. Use your gun. Under the Safety Officer's (SO) command, you will load, holster, then draw, shoot, move with finger out of the trigger guard, move while shooting, take cover wherever available to shoot or reload, reload, shoot some more, then "unload and show clear."

My first priority is
Don't hurt anybody, don't scare anybody, don't get disqualified for breaking a safety rule.

Much more from me and others on those threads at GT.

Pistol competition is not like quail hunting, .22 plinking or anything else you have ever done. It is great fun and a good test of your abilities, but you have to study to do it safely and well.
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