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Newbie questions about IDPA/equipment

Well I just starting shooting recently (.22 semi-auto), and I will soon be making my first handgun purchase (New Colt 1991A1). Anyway, a buddie of my said that I should shoot IDPA with them. Well, I don't know where to start. I know I can ask him (and his friends) about all I need to know, but I want all the opinions I can get. First off, I have hunted quail and shot shotguns since I was 12 and I have completed a hunter's safety course, so I understand and appreciate the the handling and safety of firearms. However, I think it is necessary to have some formal instruction with handguns, particularly in defense situations and in carry situations. Is this provided in IDPA (i will look at the site) or should I take a CCW class? Second, right now I don't intend to carry, but I want to shoot IDPA for the practicallity and mostly for fun (instead of just standing shooting at paper). I want to shoot a big gun rapid fire ! I am not thinking spray and pray here, just something different. Remember I hunt quail, so I am used to stuff moving and my blood flowin with adrenalene (sp). So my question is what is a good IDPA holster for a beginner? [edit]: Ok, just went to the IDPA site and saw the appendix A list of acceptible holsters, and ya, there were like 10,000. So if you could help me narrow that down to a comfortable, outside the pants holster for a full size 1991, that would great! Well any advice and comments are welcome. Thanks.


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