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You were not alone without the black stock shotgun. I shoot a Remington 870 with the natural wood stock.

The Wilkesboro club is a great and the people are the best around. The same people can be found in Boone also. The match this weekend in Boone was great and I had a ball shooting in the carbine side match despite being terrible with a rifle.

Glad to see new shooters come out to join us. I am one of the few women who shoot out there. Stop and say hello next time you come to a match. My husband and I love to talk to new folks. If you are not sure who I am look for the little dog sleeping through all of the gun fire. He is our official IDPA pup and you will usually find me or my husband in the near vicinity.

Look forward to meeting you in the future and I hope you continue to come out and shoot with us.
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