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jmlv. Now don't get me wrong. Neo's can make nice dogs. And there are some exceptional ones out there. But the breed as a whole generally does not make the cut as actual protection trained dog material. But hey it is getting that way with all good working breeds. Once the general public takes interest in a certain breed the quality goes down. Dogs are bred for bucks, not quality. Breeding 2 dogs together because they happen to be the same breed, by people who have no interest in working qualities or capabilities or temperment. "Dog has AKC papers, so Dawg dangit, they must be good lines. I'll sell em in da paper for $200." So when it comes to dogs, (as with most everything)education is the key. Know what you want, what you are looking at and buyer beware. When you want a dog for a certain purpose educate yourself on the purpose, not necessarilly the breed. For protection go to trainers( Many). Not to breeders of the breed your interested in. By observing training and the different breeds you will be able to better determine what breed suits your needs. If you go to a breeder of your desired breed, they will tell you what you want to here. Not necessarilly what is actual.
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