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James K
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I'll try to help. First, can you retract the slide? If so, pull it all the way back, and push down and hold the little button on top of the slide. Holding down the button, let the slide go forward easy until you feel the spring tension ease. Push the slide forward the rest of the way.

Let me explain a bit about what we want to do. The slide is being kept in place by a takedown block which is braced against the rear of the frame; in firing, this block stops the recoil of the slide. It is under spring tension, but is designed to swing forward and down to get out of the way of the slide for disassembly. The takedown lever normally does this when it is moved clockwise.

So, insert a small screwdriver or some other tool (I can't be more specific, it has to be something of the right size and shape) into the hole where the takedown lever should be, and see if you can engage the takedown block. If you can, turn the tool clockwise (toward the muzzle) and see if you can swing the takedown block forward and down out of the way.

It is spring loaded so you will have to hold it down.

If you can do that, the slide should come back and off the frame.

If this doesn't work, check back and we will try to work something out.

Gun Parts Corp. ( has the parts listed in their catalog, but I have not checked their web site.

Jim K
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