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Dissassembly of a High Standard Military Model B

OK, I've got a problem. A while back I bought a Military Model B because I thought it would be a fun gun to work on, nice lines, relatively little polishing required, thought it would look real nice with a rust blue job and a new set of target grips. In retrospect, I think I got taken for a ride. What I didn't than know about the model B was that it was supposed to have a takedown lever on the right side of the frame, this one had a screw in the takedown levers hole that looked like it belonged. My problem is now taking the slide off. Whether it was a good idea or not, I stripped pretty much everything off the pistol, but I'm still stuck with the slide attached to the frame under the tension of the mainspring that is retained by a pin that can't be knocked out due to interference from the bottom of the slide rails. The bug in the ointment seems to be a little device inside the frame that the takedown lever obviously mated with to release the slide. I don't know for sure that I would be able to put the takedown lever into the hole even if I could find one, but I was wondering if there is any other way that I can break the gun down. Thanks.
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