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MJN. Not much you can do about the German Shedder. High quality food is good, but even then sometimes the dog's system does not utilize the food to the fullest potential. You can try different brands of high quality food. But the change in the diet can upset the dog's system. Or you can try Prozyme. It is an additive of enzymes that aid in digestion. Helping the dog's system to break down and use the food better. Also do not over groom the dog. Over shampooing can irritate and cause more shedding. The dog's natural oils are best for it's hair. It may not smell as good, but it is better. Also over brushing the dog loosens hair. When it is shedding season, brushing the dog daily is ok. But after the coat is blown, cut back on the brushing. With the German Shepherd, Shedding is just part of the package. I'm used to my dog hair carpeted floor.
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