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ProStreet, I suggest to most everyone to get a dog for deterant purposes only. Truth is most people never really need a actual "Protection" trained dog. A protection trained dog is a big responsibility and liability. Just look at the dog mauling case that was recently at trial where the presa canarios ( I believe) mauled the young lady to death. The owners were found guilty. And rightly so. For deterant purposes, many breeds. Pitt bull, German Shepherd, Malinois, Rottwieller, etc. As a alarm dog, small dogs like Jack russells, Chihuahuas, Shelties make great alarm dogs. Primarilly because their whole world is inside the house. And they develop such strong bonds because of it. When they feel their world is about to be invaded upon they sound off. German Shepherds are great all around dogs. (My personal favorite.) Great alarm dog, companion, highly trainable, visably authoritative. Just one draw back per your situation......They shed profusely. So it would take an effort with the grooming. You can find them on the small side. And you can pick one with the temperment that suits you. Very versitile breed. But not all German Shepherds are great. Or all breeds for that matter. I suggest getting a young adult dog so that you can test the temperment and know what you are getting. You never know how a puppy will turn out. And finally, don't believe the tale that a dog will naturally protect you. No breed will naturally protect. What most people perceive as protectiveness is more involved than I want to go into now to explain why they possibly react the way they do. So did I help or confuse?
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