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I shoot at Raahauges' often. I used to go there about 4 times a month before I had to start saving cash a few months ago.

Where do you live? That 40 miles isn't that bad on Saturday mornings when everyone is still hung over from Friday night.
I've live in Marina del Rey. Actually the drive isn't that bad, but it's is in the middle of seemingly nowhere (least from looking at yahoo maps, lol).

Sat morning won't be bad at all, I drove up to San Fran 2 weeks ago, made the mistake of leaving at 4pm. I took me 3 hours to go 37 miles, not even at magic mountain yet. lol

I'm starting to venture out in my shooting. Hopefully hit up a bunch of these events next month, and heading out to the Angeles Ranges. I'm getting bored shooting indoors.

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