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So many guns so little time.......

Texas, good luck with your match. Get the same feeling every time too. I was so proud of Jorah, he has taken to it like a duck to water. All he has to do is buy the black stock for his gun and he'll be set! I'm in Shelby and Wilks is about an hour and 40 minutes drive time but the folks at Wilkes are tops and well worth the drive. There are a few shooters there that when they take the stage it sounds like full auto going off. Eat, breath and sleep..... The rest of us concentrate on having a good run and the SO's don't treat you any different. I've been so impressed with them I'd like to become a SO (if I ever get the time). The state match will be in Boone in Sept. and if you can make it you will see some of the best in the region. There's also time to qualify. Check out the foothills site for information. Email Gary or denmother, they'll set you up right.
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